Our developments are marketed through local estate agents who are most familiar with areas and its community and are therefore in the best position to be able to advise you as buyers. These agents will be able to give you a more accurate detailing on the locality, ranging from schools and transport, the pinnacle of most home owners buying decision, to local sales trends, infrastructure and even mortgage advice. You may find the details of the relevant estate agents within the description of your chosen development page.

We are developers, not estate agents.
Therefore, we do not market our developments ourselves, and rightly so.

Every profession has its importance, and everyone must undertake their own profession to the best of their ability in order to generate the best possible product


If you are interested in a property which is not yet substantially complete, you may have the opportunity to customise various finishes, including but not limited to flooring, colour schemes and kitchen designs. The appointed estate agent will be able to advise you on what customisation would be available to you at the time of securing your purchase.

Help to buy

To maximise affordability, the Help to Buy Scheme is available on all applicable developments. The appointed estate agents would also be happy to guide you in relation to any Help to Buy or mortgage advice that you may need to make an informed decision. If you are interested in any of our developments, please contact the appointed estate agent. Their details can be found on the development page or on the site marketing hoarding outside the physical development. If you have difficulty getting through to the appointed agents, .

Why buy new?

The decision of choosing between a new build & conversion and an old house is one of great debate between house buyers and partners. Benefits of new homes

The Greener option
New homes are built under strict regulation in regards to energy efficiency and thermal qualities. All materials and equipment are chosen and installed in order to not only be of high quality but also a greener alternative to the dated insulation and appliances that is typically found in an older home.

Lower bills
The energy efficiency and thermal capabilities of new homes results in lower energy bills and an overall extended product lifespan – needless to say the benefits that this comes with.

Warranties & Assurances
Depending on the property type, your home may come with a warranty or Professional Consultants Certificate, giving you peace of mind on the quality and reliability of your new home. The quality of workmanship cannot be documented or guaranteed with older homes, leaving you more susceptible to major repairs.

Help To Buy availability
The HelpToBuy scheme is available specifically to new build homes (including conversions) that meet pricing criteria. This means that a new build home may be a more affordable option in the short term.